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The Diamond Campaign creates a community for Black women to embrace their unique cut (body image), color (personal brand), carat (self-worth), and clarity (vision for the future).


A note from our founder

There is something so powerful about Black women uplifting themselves and one another. That powerful concept is the reason why I am so glad that you’re here, taking time to explore how our organization realizes our mission to create space for Black women to achieve their greatest potential - together
What started as a passion project in college transcended into an organization that creates a space for Black women to improve our holistic well-being. TDC takes a unique approach to personal development, which is rooted in celebrating our Black beauty, achieving personal success, and giving women the tools to lead boldly. 
Growing up, I saw how my struggles with self-worth and confidence directly impacted the way I showed up in life. Although people close to me would affirm my beauty, things didn’t change until I believed in those affirmations myself. That transformation was a slow, but steady process of unlearning all the false narratives I allowed to manifest and learning my inherent value. 
Similar to me, I know there are Black women who have struggled with feeling unworthy and lacking direction. I see you. We see you. You are not alone.  I hope that The Diamond Campaign serves as a resource to you along your journey, and that TDC serves as a community to help you embrace every part of yourself


With love,


Meet The Team

Kendall Rankin Headshot.jpg

Kendall Rankin
Founder/Executive Director
Idea Queen

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Hi Queen! I'm Kendall -  a proud PG County, MD native currently living in Chicago, IL.

I love TDC because it allows space for black women to pour into and uplift each other.


Sabria Jones
Director of Marketing
Content Queen

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Hey sis, I'm Sabria! I'm from Savannah, GA (a true Southern Belle) but Chicago is my current home.


I love TDC because I am passionate about creating spaces for black women to achieve success, together.


Imara Bright-Johnson

Director of Communications

Copy Queen

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Hey, lovely! I'm Imara and I currently reisde in Chicago but am a Detroit girl through and through.

I love TDC because it gives me an opportunity to contribute to the development of women that look like me. 

Ndeyanta Jallow_edited.jpg

Ndeyanta Jallow
Director of Programming

Events Queen

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Hi bestie! I'm Ndeyanta - raised in Danbury, CT currently living in Atlanta, GA. 

I love TDC because I am an advocate for acknowledging Black women's growth, development and success.

IMG-8824 (2).JPG

Kayla Brooks
Director of Finance

Money Queen

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Hey girl - I’m Kayla! I was born and raised in PG County, MD and I currently call Charlotte, NC home.

I love TDC because I believe in empowering Black women to shine in every aspect of life.

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